Sensory Processing Disorder

What is Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)?

Sensory processing disorder, also referred to as Sensory Integration (SI) is the ability to organize sensory information and respond appropriately to our environment . It refers to the way that the nervous system receives and processes information from all the senses (touch, movement, smell, taste, vision, and hearing).


Common signs for Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) include:

  • Overly sensitive to touch, movement, sights, or sounds
  • Under reactive to touch, movement, sights, or sounds
  • Easily distracted
  • Difficulty regulating behavior
  • Activity level that is unusually high or low
  • Physical clumsiness or apparent carelessness
  • Difficulty making transitions from one situation to another
  • Inability to unwind or calm self
  • Poor self concept
  • Delays motor skills
  • Delays in academic achievement